Quiz 1

08 Mar 2019

  1. Please expand each of the following acronyms:
    1. IRC - Internet Relay Chat
    2. FOSS - Free and Open Source Software
    3. OLPC - One Laptop Per Child
    4. PR - Pull Request
      • Bonus: GNU - GNU’s Not Unix!
  2. What is the name of the version control system we use in this course?
    • git
    • Bonus: Bitkeeper
  3. Please give the one-word name for the interface used in the OLPC computers & our VMs?
    • sugar
  4. Bonus: What is the short, two-letter name for the OLPC computers for which this desktop software was first developed?
    • xo
  5. We refer to sites that host source code as “forges”. What is the name of the primary forge used in this course?
    • GitHub
  6. Bonus: Name the other forge we have used?
    • GitLab
  7. Bonus: Name another forge, one we have not used for this course.
    • Bitbucket
  8. The GitHub-specific term to describe the process in which, starting from one repository hosted at GitHub, one creates another repository, also hosted at GitHub, but under the control of a different user account.
    • d) fork
  9. A collection of related commit objects
    • a) repository
  10. A separate, but related, repository from which one may fetch or pull changes into one’s own working copy, and to which one possibly has permission to push changes.
    • c) remote
  11. The general term in git for making an exact, working copy of another repository in which changes can be tracked separately between the two versions.
    • e) clone
  12. A namespace in which one can track changes to a set of files within a given repository. This term applies both to the action and to the result of the action. Comparisons (‘diffs’ or patches) can be made between different such namespaces. (1 pt)
    • b) branch
  13. Consider the following (+1 for each correct, -1 for each incorrect): a. e59b627 b. 451.867 c. dca_079 d. 9539807 e. DB6A60A f. 614@1d4 g. be34fb47c60d

    Looking just at the string of non-space characters to the right of the close-parenthesis …

    List which of these could be a valid commit identifier?

    • a
    • d
    • g
  14. We’ve discussed “the four R’s” as a shorthand for the freedoms attached to software for it to be considered “free” or “open source”.
    1. Run
    2. Read
    3. Repair
    4. Redistribute