Lit Review 3

19 Mar 2019

In this post, I’ll be reviewing this, document about the NYS math curriculum. Specifically, I’ll be looking at the fourth grade math section (pages 55-66).

The Gist

The document is an explanation of the NYS math curriculum for fourth graders. It explains what the students should be learning, how they should be applying it, and the expected outcomes.


Overall, I thought I thought the document was informative, though unsurprisingly dry. It explained pretty throughly what is expected to be taught and what students are expected to know. It even goes pretty in depth with examples of many of the topics themselves. While playing around with sugar, I can see where some of the ideas for some of the games come frame, in regards to fitting in with the curriculum. In particular, the visual match activity, when played on advanced, contains a lot of matches that involve multiplication of numbers. With this activity, you can match already multiplied values, groups of values to multiply, or tally-marked representations of numbers. Of course, I do think there could be more programs targeting the math section better. For example, the memorize activity could have a multiplication or fraction game premade in it instead of relying on the user toc create it. The document also seems to have a very large focus on understanding word problems / translating math vocabulary to writing and back.

The Good

  1. The curriculum is layed out really well and really detailed.
  2. The examples provided for each area makes sense an easily illustrates what the text means.
  3. Since the topics cover a pretty large area, it would be easy to pick a few segments and make some sort of game that addresses those areas.

The Bad

  1. While informative, this document has a lot to it. There is so much it discusses and talks about, it’s hard to remember everything in it.
  2. There are a few areas missing examples. While not critical, I am a visual person who likes examples, so describing the math you want someone to know without providing examples makes it hard to understand sometimes.
  3. The document is, unsurprisingly, very dense and dull. Considering this is a document describing curriculum, this is kind of expected.


  1. I feel like there isn’t much discussion on geometry. Why put in some of those geomtric concepts if the focus is on understanding multiplication, fractions, etc?
  2. There’s a lot of basic logic that is being taught at this level it seems. Could that be a good foundation for teaching computing concepts in the next year or so?
  3. This curriculum is from 2017. Have there been any updates to it since?