Blog 12

16 Apr 2019

This week, I pushed a small bug-fix to the Godot game engine again, and did some digging into the source code of a few Sugar activities.

Since my last bug fix, I wanted to contribute more to the community. After a few weeks of being busy, I finally got a bit of time, so I started search for some small bugs to fix. Eventually, I found a small issue with how one of the right click menu’s is displayed. After some searching in the code, I found the area creating the menu and the area where the bug itself was. As it turns out, it was actually a really simple fix, requiring me to move one line to of code to another area. After the fix, I created a PR and, after some short communication and testing, it was merged with master. The link to the PR itself can be found here.

On top of this, I’ve been diving more into the activities of sugar to figure out some things. In particular, I’m looking at the countries activity to see how the typing system itself is done and how we can extract that into our own game. I’m only a bit familiar with python, but from what I’ve been playing around with, it wouldn’t be too hard to adapt their code to our game. I’m starting to play around with turning the activity into a basic typing thing, and then changing it to restrict it’s input to numbers and a few symbols.

Also, here is the format-patch for adding this blog to the yaml file